Pin Design Magic by Elizabeth Stapleton

Pin Design Magic

If you’re not into repeating yourself a 100 times (I mean you’re kids or dog probably make you do that enough), stressed out, overwhelmed, and struggling to keep up with all your blogging to-dos then keep scrolling

Does this sound like you:

Have you taken a blogging course or two or three or more that have taught you some amazing strategies, but also having you staring down a never ending to-do list for you blog?

So you’re extremely overwhelmed and feeling stuck, because you can never quite keep up and struggling so HARD to keep your head above water?

Finding it hard to see the forest for the trees? Maybe feeling like you’re constantly working but not making any real progress?

Don't Let Blogging Take Over Your Life

It’s not that you intended for blogging to take over your life when you got started, it was probably the opposite, hoping blogging would let you lead a more flexible life.

So you took the recommended courses, diligently followed their advice, and when you found a gap in your blogging education, you took another course, followed the lessons, and your list of things to do to grow a successful blog got longer and longer.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

Those courses you took? I’m sure they’re amazing when it comes to teaching great strategies, but what most courses fail to do is give you a system so you can actually manage to get everything done and keep up without melting your brain and stealing your sleep.

You don’t need another course to learn the newest strategy. 

You need an easy way to automate and systemize your massive to-do list, including the creation of Pins. One created by a blogger, who’s been there, because life is for living, not just blogging about and you can’t do that if you constantly have to do blogging stuff. 

Introducing: Pin Design Magic

Learn the magic trick behind the Magic Pin Generator, so you can create it for your own site.

Pin Design Magic will save you tons of time creating Pins, saving your sanity, lowering your stress levels, and squashing the struggle to get all your Pin creation done. 

Pin Design Magic is different from other solutions out there….. It's not just templates, it generates multiple branded pins for each post in minutes.

And because I’m all about saving you time, you’re not going to have to sit through hours of training.

I give you all the tech templates you need and show you how to start using it to create your Pins in just 15 minutes.
I Want to Start Saving Time on Pin Creation!

You’ll get:

  • 50 Pin templates prepped and ready for magic (plus some bonus templates)
  • The spreadsheet that makes it possible
  • Step by Step video tutorial on how to create Pin Design Magic
  • Bonus: Pinterest Customize to Monetize strategy course

Seriously, you can have your pin creation system up and running in 15-20 minutes.

Why do the same things over and over again, like copying and pasting your post title 5 times to create 5 pins, tweaking pin designs to match your brand, and making sure your logo is included.

How about copy and paste once to create multiple pins, Instagram graphics, and really any other graphic you need to come up with too?

You can get this set up and going in just 20 minutes for just $57 dollars.
Buy Now for $57


And because great images will only get you so far on Pinterest….
I am including a bonus course that is going over the top strategies that I use for my clients, including how to make Pin descriptions that make sure your content is loved by Pinners AND the Pinterest Algorithm. 

Quick and Easy Images + Pin Description know how = You’re getting further faster.

Things Smart People Ask Before Investing Their Hard Earned Money

What if I’m brand new to Pinterest for my blog?

I’ve got you covered, as a bonus I’m including my Pinterest Customize to Monetize course, which helps cover strategy for those new to using Pinterest for marketing their blog.

What if I already have templates I love in Canva?

This system works with Google Slides, so you may need to re-create your templates in Google Slides, but it’s a one and done process. Plus, if the trending Pin size ever changes (remember when Giraffe Pins were the go to?), you can change the size of your Google Slide Templates easily, unlike Canva where the templates only work on the size they were created at. Though you may find you love the templates included even more than the ones you have in Canva.

What about the background stock photos in the templates?

I took those photos and own them and I’m saying here and now you are welcome to use them in your pins. So if they work for you, go for it, I’m all about saving time.

Do you offer a refund or guarantee?

Due to the nature of the product - being a digital product implemented in minutes, refunds will not be offered.

Don’t waste another minute being overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, and struggling to keep up with Pinterest.

Get Pin Design Magic Today!
I want it!