Start a Blog: From Idea to First Post by Elizabeth Stapleton

Start a Blog: From Idea to First Post

Step by step, how to go from your idea to setting up your blog and launching your first post. 

What's included?

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Tech Setup
Buying Your Domain and Hosting
Point Your Domain & Install WordPress
Install Plugins
Site Style
Deciding on Your Site Colors
2 mins
Decide on a Theme
3 mins
Deciding on Fonts
What Content to Launch With
The Difference Between a Post and a Page
Creating Your About Page
Creating Your Site's Legal Page(s)
33 mins
Creating 10 Blog Posts
Creating Content & SEO
Creating Graphics
Yoast SEO Sitewide Options
7 mins
Media Library SEO Best Practices
4 mins
User Intent and Keyword Research
7 mins
Best SEO Practices for Posts & Pages
7 mins
Marketing Your Blog
How to Systematically Promote Your Blog on Pinterest
Guest Post
Speak at Virtual Summits
Start and Grow Your Email List
Choose Your Email Marketing Service
Content Upgrades vs Lead Magnets
Create 2-3 Opt-in Downloads
Creating Forms for Your Site
Set Up a Landing Page for Each Opt-in
Promoting Your Opt-ins
Staying Organized
Editorial Calendars
The Tools I Use for My Blog
Blogging On The Go